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SherLock - Escape Room Adventure
Sherlock is bored. None of the recent cases have been interesting enough to catch his attention. Until one day, when Sherlock receives a message from Moriarty that changes everything. What at first appears to be a classical "damsel in distress" situation, turns into a confrontation with his inner demons. Forced to play Moriarty's insidious game, Sherlock deduces his way through an old film studio to finaly face his arch nemesis.

This is an ecscape room adventure. The games is devoid of any form of combat or grinding. Instead, it focuses on solving riddles using your superior deduction skills and the ability to combine items.

Quick facts (Full version)
  • 2 Characters playable
  • 18 NPC
  • 10 Rooms with about 1 hour play time each
  • about 100 items to find, examine and combineabout
  • 18 music tracks
  • about 40 puzzles to solve
  • Many quotes from the original Sherlock-Holmes-stories
  • lots of references to famous pop-cultural works
  • designed for Android and PC
  • Release Q4 2022

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Install instructions

Windows: Unzip and run game.exe

Android: Install apk


Sherlock - Escape Room Adventure (1.1.8 Win Demo) 473 MB
Sherlock - Escape Room Adventure (1.1.8 Android Demo) 63 MB

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